Phrased Out – Overview and Opinions

Phrased Out – Overview and Opinions

Let’s play a game! Finish this off: _h_a_ed O_ _. If you guessed Phrased Out, you’re either very smart or you looked at the title (you cheater). You have now passed the test and are ready to rack your brain with much more difficult enigmas. Welcome to Phrased Outthe addictive mobile game that will put your pub quiz to the test.

What To Expect

“Oh I know this, I know this. Uhm, it’s…” is that dreadful feeling you’ll feel when you play this. There’s also the helpful side of “wait a minute, isn’t this answer the right answer?” and “Ohh right, that was it”. Believe me when I say, this will be a frequent occurrence to expect from yourself.

Phrased Out is a gorgeous trivia mobile game where you must guess the correct answers through a game of hangman. Now you might be thinking: “so it’s basically hangman?”. Well yes, but imagine if Hangman was played in a killer gauntlet; where every guess will hurt and ultimately kill you. Oh, and you’ll start from the beginning if you lose. It’s Dark Souls meets hangman. Seriously, if that doesn’t convince you, nothing will.

gameplay of Phrased Out.

Additionally, the game comes with a gorgeous 8-bit design for the characters and background. It makes the difference to have something pretty and retro as you beat the countdown to pass the levels. With various enemies and characters, you can really feel a small world created from a game as simple as hangman.

The Gameplay of Phrased Out

10 lives – a wrong letter makes that 9, then 8, then 7. Choose your letters wisely as even a single wrong answer can be critical. In addition, a countdown clock oversees the entire gauntlet, increasing slightly with every correct answer. That’s right, this isn’t your ordinary crossword; this is a time trial.

But despite the enormous amount of pressure you must be feeling, there’s a lifeline here – well several actually. With each question, you will gain two clues: one that describes the sub-category and the other from your robot buddy BeepBoop. BeepBoop is actually more helpful as he may give a quote or small reference to the clue to jog your memory.

To add, the players can use special abilities such as changing the question, revealing a letter, or freezing the timer for that round. Those can be upgraded with ‘chips’ (the techno kind, not the food). Upgrading through the workshop allows you to use those features additional times. As a result, this will make future playthroughs easier.

The game also features a Time Attack mode – where players will test their ultimate knowledge against a ticking clock to see how many correct answers they can get. Although the lives are larger, the use of some powers are deactivated – meaning you’ll have to rely on yourself. How many answers can you get on the Star wars section? or the DC one?

Our Opinion of Phrased Out

Can I tell you a secret? And by secret, I mean literally anyone who reads this will know, but let me have this! Moving on, so it turns out that when I played this game for research purposes, I ended up doing ‘more’ research than I intended. So, fun – yes. Incredibly addictive– also yes. Did I end up negating some other important duties because of it? Most certainly.

It’s completely mind-boggling how something as simple as the concept of Hangman can turn into something we can’t stay away from. Much like Chicory, this is the transitioning of old-fashioned hobbies into a reworked game. Fascinating how we can take something considered mundane, and then rework it to fit the gaming generation.

Overall, Phrased Out is a pleasant, time-sinking mobile game that also tests our knowledge to the extreme. With so many categories and ways to play, replayability is a huge factor here. We hope that the developers can keep this going with more modes and topics to cover.

Where Can I Get It?

Phrased Out is out now and free to play. You can download it on the App Store and Google Play.



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