Little Misfortune – Overview and Opinions

Little Misfortune – Overview and Opinions

Little Misfortune. Or is it little Miss Fortune? Either way, the pun is a little excruciating. But that’s not all that’s painful; prepare yourself for a game of adorableness and incredibly dark stuff. Oh yes, even the prettiest of games can be deceptive. This is Little Misfortune – the game that will break all your brain’s processors.

What To Expect

I’ll tell you what NOT to expect – a family-friendly kid’s game with a child protagonist. Honestly, don’t judge this book by its cover, you’ll regret it. Seriously though, keep your children away from it.Despite its gorgeous cartoony style and lovable protagonist, the game focuses on dark humour and themes that eventually delve into the realm of horror. What starts off as a simple adventure soon unravels into a conspiracy of hellish nature.

Little Misfortune

Killmonday Games developed and published Little Misfortune; a game that came from the success of Fran Bow. In 2012, the hive-minded married couple, Natalia and Isak Martinsson began their journey to create Killmonday Games. To top it off, they both had experience with short films, animation and media before. Talk about marriage goals here.

The Gameplay of Little Misfortune

Little Misfortune is a point and click adventure game very similar to Telltale Games’ titles. Players will mainly be indulged in the narrative of the game, as the characters and the world around them become immersive the more they play. Players will also interact with objects to give a cute or strangely dark commentary on them.

One of the most important aspects of the game is the choices system. To clarify, the choice system allows you to pick one of two options at certain points in the story. These choices can impact you or the fate of others. Additionally, it can be used to present interesting dialogue options between you and the narrator. These choices are described as being neither good nor bad – but always consequential.

The Story of Little Misfortune

The Story of Little Misfortune is one of trust, adventure, and the loss of innocence. Little Misfortune tells the story of Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez, a daydreaming, 8-year-old girl with a tough life. It is then that a new friend appears in the form of Mr Voice, the narrator of the story that Misfortune can hear.

Mr Voice guides Misfortune to play a game, to which completing it will grant her the prize of eternal happiness. Together, she will venture into the world of bad luck and claim the prize for her mother in this bittersweet but dark journey. However, not all will be as it seems as Misfortune starts to uncover the haunting mysteries behind the world she lives in.

Our Opinion

Two words: Mind Blown. The simplicity of the game doesn’t devalue its worth; in fact, it proves that narrative storytelling is a great aspect of any media. The game’s story is breathtaking in its themes of nativity and helplessness as Misfortune’s journey unravels. Additionally, its simplicity opens up the target audience to non-gamers too.

With the gorgeous contrast on its colouring and the style of its art, this game is an absolute treasure to look at. What stuns us the most is the voice acting of the cast. Natalia Martinsson breathes an innocent and incredibly adorable portrayal of Misfortune in this game. Each word she says melts our hearts – especially the swearing! Henrik Norman’s Mr Voice is a voice that guides us, persuades us, manipulates us. We can’t help but follow this narrators every word and every guidance.

Where Can I Get it?

Little Misfortune was released on the 18th Septemeber 2019. It is available on PC through Steam, with a later release then made for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.



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