Party Animals – Let the Bodies Hit The Floor

Party Animals – Let the Bodies Hit The Floor

Looking for a good time? There are plenty of games for that. But if you’re looking for complete and utter chaos, you’re in the right place. Being chaotic doesn’t mean you can’t look adorable when doing it. Welcome to Party Animals – the insane all-out brawl of anthropomorphic animals.

What to Expect in Party Animals

Do you love animals? Is slapstick brawling your jam? Do you have eager gamer friends? If yes to the first two and maybe the third one – then this is the game for you. Party Animals is a tornado of furry adorableness mixed with cartoonish violence – perfect for the kids!

With the early stage of development; the game will feature two modes. One game mode is Snatch Squad, which involves teamwork to beat the other team. Doing so will earn them special items and bragging rights for their victory. The second game mode is Last Stand, a free-for-all mode where only one may remain victorious. May the best dog, cat, or furry animal thing win!

Party Animals

In addition to the two game modes is a vast selection of gladiators to battle for you. Choose your fighter from 11 cute combatants, from a range of different species including cats, dogs, reptiles, and more. My personal recommendation would be Nemo – the beady-eyed corgi. On the other hand, Coco looks rad in those shades – crocs that rock sunglasses are always a win.

The Gameplay of Party Animals

Party Animals features an almost ragdoll-like fisticuff system of fighting – much like Gang Beasts. However, the gameplay is much more than that. That is that Party Animals features a ‘cleaner’ and more polished version of the Gang Beasts’ mechanics with added features. The combat appears smoother and attacking/grappling works quicker into knocking your opponents down.

Furthermore, the game adds the use of weapons for better and easier ways to down your opponents. Crossbows, shovels, and even nunchucks are available for your inner psychopath. In addition, the game features crazy maps and interactive stages. For example, the submarine level allows you to attach yourself to a missile and fly amongst the stars (or at least we hope so).

Party Animals

Remember when we asked if you had gamer friends? Probably not our business, but there’s a reason for the question. Why? you ask. Because Party Animals offers a single-player experience for all those gamers that prefer to go it alone. But for those with friends that love a good gaming brawl, you can play online PVP or split-screen mode.

Our Opinion

I’ll admit, when I first saw this trailer, I thought of it as a Gang Beasts clone. However, I know when I am wrong, and boy am I wrong! The mechanics of this brawling game improves upon the original so much that it looks like a different game. The addition of weapons, the interactive maps, the smoother combat – all of it makes a difference.

Much like other fighting games, having a similar feature doesn’t make it a clone. Indeed this game shows there is no harm in using the formula and placing their own additions. I look forward to seeing future implementations to this game like additional weapons, new game modes, and more chaos. Because more chaos is always great.

Release Information

Party Animals has yet to announce a release date but has confirmed the platforms for the game will be on PC through Steam and Xbox. You can stay tuned for more information on their website. Furthermore, you have the option of following them on social media via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their Youtube channel.



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