Dinkum – Overview and Opinions

Dinkum – Overview and Opinions

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel might have given us space-Australia, but maybe it’s time we live out an Australia simulator. That’s right, you can visit these expansive, lush lands in a bid to survive and thrive in this open-world survival game. This is Dinkum – the game where you adventure into utopia and expand your horizons using elbow grease and strategy to build your world the right way.

What To Expect in Dinkum

Much like Minecraft and other survival sandbox games, Dinkum encourages world-building and creativity. This is the perfect opportunity for players to immerse themselves in a “world of pure imagination” that they’ve created. Additionally, sandbox games such as these offer countless years of playtime for a single world. Furthermore, you can trust me when I say you will be lost in the multiverse of ideas you create.

Dinkum gameplay

This island is inspired by the wild Australian outback; featuring tropical eucalyptus forests, barren deserts, and flowing billabongs. Various terrains are yours to collect resources from and build upon. Want to live in the desert? Or have a cosy little house by the riverside? Wherever you want to live; the world is your oyster.

The Gameplay of Dinkum

If you’ve ever wanted to become mayor of your own town, now you can! Heck, you can be mayor of ALL the towns. Dinkum allows you to place a variety of buildings and attractions on anything infrastructure-safe. Therefore, this lets you attract neighbours and guests to your wonderful little town, village or city. Furthermore, you can decorate and customise your island with various items to spruce it up. Flower beds, street lamps, windmills – the whole bunch.

Building a world solo is great and all, but having a partner by your side is even better. You can play in Co-operative mode and invite your friends to visit your lands. Thus they can assist you in building, support your stores by shopping, and go fishing. Did we ever mention you can also race with Emus? EMUS! That’s practically the friendliest thing you can do together. Think Chocobo racing, but for the real world.

Eventually, it’ll be time to put down the ol’ mayor badge and settle down on the farm. But don’t worry, this game has you covered. There are countless chickens, cows and sheep you can breed and maintain. Oh, and there are wombats too. This game keeps on getting better and better. In addition, you can cultivate crops – but be wary of the seasons and weather changes. You don’t want an unexpected broadcast of heavy rain to ruin your hard work.

Unfortunately, you aren’t the only creature here. Like anything in Australia, there is all manner of dangerous animals looking to make a snack out of you. From bloodthirsty sharks to heavyweight boxing kangaroos, you need to learn how to defend yourself. Of course, you can take them head-on or capture them with traps – just remember to strategize or else they’ll be nobody to look after those farms you built.

Our Opinion

Another fine addition to the sandbox survival genre, Dinkum embodies all the qualities of what makes those games great. With great customisation, marvellous ways to build civilisation and an awesome embodiment of Australian culture and wildlife, this game definitely adds a rad twist to this recipe. So much of the game looks gorgeous and we cannot wait to see more of this game.

Dinkum does not have a confirmed release date yet, but you can keep updated on their website. A PC release on Steam has been confirmed.



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