Webbed – The Ultimate Spider Adventure

Webbed – The Ultimate Spider Adventure

Skyrim. Dragon Age. Dark souls. You’re probably wondering why I mentioned them. Well, not only are they grand fantasy RPG games but because they also have another trope in common. Big frickin spiders! Yup, arachnophobia is a hell of a thing when you play these games. Fortunately, not all video game spiders are so bad. Welcome to Webbed – the game where you live the life of an adorably, heroic spider.

What To Expect

Webbed is a 2D physics adventure platformer game where you play as an itsy-bitsy spider. Like most platformers, you will have to traverse in a side-scrolling fashion to reach the end of the level. Furthermore, you will encounter obstacles and puzzles preventing you from reaching your destination. Evidently, your wits and reflexes are needed severely here as you embark on this personal journey.

Webbed gameplay

Sbug Games is the developer and publisher of this game; to which this is their first commercial release. This indie studio is based in Queensland, Australia – where Webbed is set in the fantasy version. Moreover, Lead Developer Riley Neville and Level Designer Noah Seymour work on the game, a duo of friends that have been in the local game-making community of Squiggly River.

The Gameplay of Webbed

Much like a spider, you move by crawling, webbing and sometimes jumping  (if you live in Australia). Take to the air as you web swing from one area to the next; flipping and landing in a way that’ll make Spider-man jealous. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. Each level will intensify the threat, and in doing so, advance your tempo and reflexes in swinging and manoeuvring. Timing becomes everything.

You can also do the greatest thing a spider can (apart from scaring titan-sized humans). Spinning webs is a mechanic the game allows you to do, where weaving your webs can help you navigate throughout the levels and can be anchored to almost anything. Horizontal, vertical or diagonal; you connect webs against each other to create branching pathways to walk on.

The player can interact with other creatures too. Build potential alliances by completing certain side quests and favours for them. Did we also mention there’s a skateboard mode? Picture a tiny, cute spider on a mini skateboard, using webs to pull it forwards and doing loops. Don’t picture it – play it yourself.

The Story of Webbed

You play as the happy little spider with the perfect life. The day is lovely, there is a boyfriend, and life involves eating flies and other insects like there’s no tomorrow. That all changes when your spider-boyfriend gets arach-napped by a large Bowerbird. To emphasise, the journey is set before you. Embark on a perilous path to save your lover and kick that giant bird’s ass. Along the way, many lands and territories belonging to other creatures will be discovered.

Our Opinion

As someone with arachnophobia, Webbed really comforted me with how adorable this little creature was. Instead of worrying about spiders jumping on my face and crawling near me, I could BE the spider. I have become fear itself! But appealing. the art and environments are eye-catching and you can feel an artistic view of nature be presented here.

The web mechanics are incredibly entertaining, especially with how you can connect them to each other. Imagine being a spider who can write or draw almost anything with its web – the possibilities are endless! It’s not just a ‘spider simulator’, it’s a wholesome adventure that hopefully lets spiders gain the respect in videogames they deserve. We also enjoy the ever-changing pacing of your swing speed. Essentially, we love how in one minute we can swing slowly and take in the view, then the next we speed up to avoid getting drowned.

Release Information

Webbed was released on the 9th September 2021. At the time of writing, it is currently available for purchase for £7.19 on Steam.



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