3 Upcoming Simulator Games You Should Try

3 Upcoming Simulator Games You Should Try

For those of you curious to ask ‘what is a Simulator Game?’ Know that this refers to a game that tends to mirror a real-life experience. Since the intention is to bring said activities to you, it creates an immersive experience. Famous examples include Farming Simulator or The Sims. With that, we’ll be showing up 3 fun upcoming simulator games that you should try out.

Escape Simulator

Do you like Escape Rooms? Are you too far or have other reasons not to attend one in person? Then have no fear, as this game brings the room to you. Escape Simulator is a first-person escape room simulator. The game features over 20 rooms across 4 theme packs, such as Labyrinth of Egypt, Adrift in Space, Edgewood Mansion, and The Corporation. Furthermore, these puzzle rooms are based by real-life escape room operators, so you know that expertise has been implemented here.

Much like an escape room, players will solve a variety of puzzles in each room to advance to the next. This game allows for solo play or online co-op if you’re looking for a partner. You can move, pick up, examine, smash or break objects to investigate your path to freedom. Also, if the levels have been conquered, prepare for community-made rooms – where you will face other player’s ideas. Of course, this goes for you as you can explore the boundaries of your imagination to test your puzzles.

We highly recommend this game if you’re looking for the thrills of an escape room, but can’t attend one. The different themes improve its reach to people of all genres. Looking for a space or Ancient Egyptian adventure? They got you covered. On top of that, the best feature is easily the community-made rooms, its building mechanics and different ways to create puzzles is a fantastic way to engage creativity and ensure endless fun.

Escape Simulator will release on the 19th October 2021, with a PC release through Steam.

Coffee Noir – Business Detective Game

Coffee. It is the heart and soul of humanity.  Those grounded beans of light are the saviours of the sleepy, the blessing from the ground, the- you get the point, most people like coffee. If you’re one of those people, then prepare for yourself for a life of undercover work inside the business. Welcome to Coffee Noir – the game that mixes noir detective novels with business tycoon games. Set in Neo-London, an alternative future in 2020 where coffee is the prime industry. However, a coffee tycoon goes missing, and now you must work under the business to solve this mystery.

You go undercover as a coffee salesman, which means trust and discretion is critical.  Firstly, negotiations are the key, as proposing mutually beneficial deals will gain the trust of your business partners. This leads to them opening up and giving new clues to the investigation. Moreover, An advanced economics engine has been developed for you to manage your team, production and promotion. Be warned, you only have limited funds, which expending too much could lead to bankruptcy and failure. In addition, professional economists and academics have inputted their own experience into the game to create a form of realisation into the business.

With its mixture of noir tropes and educational business management, Coffee Noir proves to have the edge in business management games. Professional input means that players will also gain an insight into the industry business and force them to think quickly and study up on the inner workings. Also, its challenging difficulty will put your very intellect will be pushed to the test – we recommend this for hard-core strategists or anyone looking to prove their skills. 

Coffee Noir is expected to release on the 30th September 2021 with a PC release through Steam and GOG.

Restaurant Flipper

Renovation is a fascinating process. The idea of transforming something old and dilapidated into a brand-new and majestic place is outstanding. But the unfortunate side of it is projecting one’s vision and getting your hands dirty. However, what if I could tell you that you could do all the benefits of renovation, through a simple click? Well, if you’re the type looking to design the perfect restaurant, then Restaurant Flipper is the game for you.

Much like other titles of the Flipper Series, Restaurant Flipper has you remodelling neglected places to recreate into your own visage. Turn these abandoned bars and diners into places that would make Gordon Ramsay jealous (and possibly swear!). You will time-sink your day away by breaking, building, and repairing the infrastructure. Coupled with this is the ability to paint and select a variety of furniture to spice up your restaurant in many different ways. Pick the combinations and the cheapest way to earn a tidy profit.

Flipper games have had a bunch of great simulator-based activities, which this latest one impresses us greatly. As always, the mechanics of building and flipping allow for a massive time-sink alongside its addictive nature. Furthermore, it upgrades with its graphics and animations – drilling down tiles and walls has never looked so satisfying. We highly recommend this for those looking in property management or wanting some fun.

Restaurant Flipper does not have a confirmed release date, but you can be notified on Steam for it’s PC release.

And there we have it; we picked these 3 as our recommendations for you to try. Because of their addictive nature, compelling gameplay, and overall unique features, these are worth investing in. Which ones of these are you excited for? Are there any we haven’t mentioned that has you hyped? Let us know your thoughts and check out more Simulator Games on Steam!



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