The Artful Escape – The Power Of Music

The Artful Escape – The Power Of Music

Art. It can be anything: drawing, painting, writing, and composing. Music is the art of the ears and video game soundtracks have proven their worth. Of course, Nothing beats a fantastic videogame soundtrack. Now it’s time to delve into this universe of musical escapism to find your soul. This is The Artful Escapethe game of harmonious reverie.

What To Expect

Firstly, you will expect dimension-ripping music that allows you to traverse into other realms. The game lets out your inner radical youth by flying, grinding and beating to spectacular worlds. Your movement ripples to make the world your own instrument. Furthermore, you will explore vibrant, alien worlds where colours explode onto and out of the screen. The more time invested into this, the harder it becomes to look away. You will experience quite the trip.

The Artful Escape Gameplay

The Artful Escape is published by Beethoven & Dinosaur, an Australian company made by Johnny Galvatron (not the Transformer). Galvatron was formerly frontman of an 80’s-inspired- electro-rock band in 2008 but has gone to publish his passion into a game. In addition, the game is published by Annapurna Interactive, which has released notorious games such as The Pathless, and Journey.

The Gameplay of The Artful Escape

The Artful Escape’s gameplay is simplistic; enough that it’s gamer-friendly for everyone. Therefore, people that have never touched a videogame can try it – we’re looking at you non-gamer parents. The gameplay involves moving in a side-scrolling fashion, from level to level. The player can jam their guitar at any time to affect the world around them. Moreover, jamming the guitar allows you to interact with strange alien creatures, depending on their music taste.

Besides that, players can customise to suit their imaginative taste and the protagonist’s persona. These include your stage name, which planet you’re from, backstory, and your stage costume. Rock your inner David Bowie in these outfits!  Furthermore, players encounter conversations that will provoke a choice in responses. You can be humble or self-absorbed by your fame – you decide your personality.

The Story of The Artful Escape

You play Francis Vendetti, a teenage apprentice guitarist living in the dreams of fame and legends. As Francis, you feel overwhelmed by the pressure to live up to a close musical legend. This musical legend is actually your uncle. To escape his shadow, Francis embarks on a journey of imagination to achieve inspiration and self-searching. Discover strange new worlds and exotic alien races in this crazy yet groovy journey. Experience a story of music, expectations and legacy. Additionally, joining the game is a cast of acting legends such as Lena Headey, Mark Strong, Carline Kinlet, and Carl Weathers.

Our Opinion

Despite the gameplay being simplistic, The Artful Escape proves itself. We see it to be a relaxing, story-driven game with hopeful themes. The story of Francis reflects the generational expectations the youth today to mirror their personal futures. It drives us to create our own path rather than live in another’s shadow. Of course, these are themes that we enjoy incredibly.

The music mixed with the scenery and art style is beyond sumptuous. With its eye-popping pallet of colours splashing onto the screen, players will gain a pleasant visual experience. For example, each world and alien race is crafted so uniquely and aesthetically. That gives us the feeling of a cosmos unfolding before us. If anything, players of old and new will experience a soothing, musical journey on their play through to pass the time. 

Release Information

The Artful Escape was released on the 9th September 2021. At the time of writing, it is currently available for purchase for £13.94 on Steam. It is also on the Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S for £16.74 .



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