White Shadows – Overview and Opinions

White Shadows – Overview and Opinions

The light shines brightest in the dark. If you’re a sucker for dark stories and dystopian worlds, then you’re in for a treat. This is the game that proves that black and white are colours we should use often. Welcome to White Shadows – the game where freedom is critical.

What to Expect of White Shadows

Tim Burton meets 1984 is how the developers described it. White Shadows is a dark, platformer game based on a monochrome steampunk look mixed with contemporary social themes. It’s worth knowing that the developers intended this to be a comedy but have received feedback from players that it’s very grim. Furthermore, White Shadows features a heavy narrative experience as the world is shaped by cinematics of abyssal nature and gloomy world commentary.

Coupled with its themes is its gameplay; like any platformer game, you will be jumping from one place to the next. Further to jumping is the ability to interact and push objects to create new paths or reach unattainable heights. Ladders or similar structures can be used to climb your way to the top. Along the way, players shall avoid deadly obstacles that will block your path and enigmatic puzzles that test your brain to the max.

White Shadows also depicts a beautifully tragic world with its gorgeous art style. With breathtaking scenarios and a blend of technological despair, players will find the game pleasantly stimulating. Machinery, spires, and creatures of varietal aesthetics; White Shadows manages to incorporate a whole new world into a dark, twisted universe.

The Story of White Shadows

An event known as The Catastrophe has caused the modern world to change into half human-half animal hybrids. Civilisation now remains in a wide network of industrialised spires called The White City. This is a world that stands in the skies and only accepts those that worship The White Light. However, this means that those that don’t accept the light are heretics and monsters.

In this world, a hierarchy stands – with rats and wolves in charge, pigs and sheep working and finally birds accused of being responsible for the deadly pandemic. You play as Little Ravengirl, a bird-like creature who adventures to escape the dark city and set herself free. Will she be up to the test? Or will the darkness of the world overtake her?

Our Opinion

Oof! This is heavy. For those who remember the game Limbo, this is the sort of visual vibes we would be getting. Most people would say using dark colours and making everything gritty is boring, and sometimes they’re right. But not in this case, White Shadows uses the perfect contrast of monochromic colours to emphasise its dark themes. If anything, the game is stimulating to the eye in how it captures depravity.

White Shadows Gameplay

With its mixture of Steampunk and cultist-like atmosphere, the game also likens to Bioshock: Infinite. Having really enjoyed that, I can say for a fact that White Shadows lures me in with similar surroundings and story themes. The game’s social commentary on the differences and hierarchy of race presents real-life experiences in the past and present. This is especially the case with the game’s world reflecting hatred towards ravens and justifying their deaths and treatment.

Moreover, the sound design is fantastic! With an almost silent atmosphere giving us a sense of dread and eeriness. Furthermore,  background sounds such as the squeaking of pipes and platforms make you feel like the next jump could break the floor. At times, players will get overwhelmed by the grinding of gears and the sound of industrial hell.

Release Information

White Shadows has no confirmed release date but is expected to release in 2021. Additionally, It will be available on Playstation 5, Xbox series X and Series S, and PC through Steam.



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