5 Video Game Worlds We’d Love To Live In

5 Video Game Worlds We’d Love To Live In

This world is pretty boring, am I right? Of course, it is, I mean the longer we’re here, the more we’ll see everything as mundane. But there’s one place that will always be fascinating no matter what comes up – the realm of imagination. I’m sure all of us have daydreamed of what could have been, what the world would look like if it wasn’t like this? Video game worlds are fascinating and unique, so today we’ll be discussing 5 video game worlds that would make a great place to live.

We will be discussing video game worlds that don’t involve things trying to kill us. Sorry Dragon Age, as much as I love Thedas – I’m not going to end up as Darkspawn food, a victim of blood magic, or a codex of my violent death.

LEGO Worlds

LEGO is one of the greatest inventions ever created, so much creativity to be had by stacking bricks together. From the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars to a full-size house, anything can be built with LEGO. Most people’s childhood depended on LEGO and all generations know of its creation. Sadly the downside for such a fabulous product is its price and the space for which you want to build ginormous objects.

LEGO Worlds

But what if you had an endless supply of LEGO? What if you had an entire world to yourself to build with LEGO? Well, living in the universe of LEGO WORLDS makes that a possibility. Living in a world where you’re very own LEGO creations come true is a dream for creative masters everywhere! And of course, if you’re not the best at building with LEGO, there are predefined structures that can be copied with your LEGO building machine.

Mass Effect

A lot of us wonder if there exists extra-terrestrial life beyond the stars. Is there is something bigger past the Andromeda Galaxy? For lovers of one of Bioware’s biggest series, Mass Effect, that would be a dream made true. As Commander Shepherd, we delved deep into the far reaches of eternity to keep the world safe, but one must wonder who we would be if we weren’t in Shepard’s boots.

Imagine living on the planets of Ilium or shopping around Commander’s Shepard’s favourite store on the citadel. And for all the thirsty players out there, you’ll be living in the same world as Turians, Asari, and Drell. Romance ahoy! Personally, I’d be looking to adopt a baby Krogan – you know, for mayhem. Regardless, an endless world of exotic planets and aliens awaits your exploration.

Animal Crossing

A lot of us dream about going on vacation, and most of us would love to spend that vacation on our private island. Luckily the world of Animal Crossing not only offers that but a whole bunch of anthropomorphic animals as your neighbours. Cute and cuddly animal friends along with your own personal island seem like a match made in heaven.

We know we would want to live there. Well, I would probably stay away from Bob, he has evil intentions that I don’t want to find out. Apart from that, we live away from the societal norm of technology and instead live in the peaceful tranquillity of nature and hands-on work. And if you’re feeling lonely, there are other islands for other people who probably feel the same.

Super Mario

So you might be thinking: which world are we talking about? World 1-1? 3-4? 8-1? Well, we think the entire universe will do. The Mushroom Kingdom looks like a place of wonderful sights and gorgeous scenery (when it’s not under attack). To live in a world where little mushroom heads wonder and Italian plumber save the day honestly sounds like a gamer’s dream come true. Double jumping, colourful landscapes, Yoshi’s everywhere! What’s not to like?

Mario World

Furthermore, let’s not forget all the awesome power-ups we would get from eating flowers, mushroom heads, and leaves. Most people would like to shoot fire or grow an extra size. For me, I would die to become a majestic creature of mythical Japanese lore! Apart from the doom and gloom of Bowser’s invasion, further activities like sports, the Olympics, and the galaxy add to the list of never-ending entertainment in the Mario World. In addition, some friendly go-karting sounds great… unless it’s Rainbow Road.


Pikachu, Squirtle, Eevee – adorable little Pokémon that we’d wish we could keep as our companions. Unfortunately, our world is limited to the ideas of genetically empowered creatures that you can catch and train to become the best around. We resort to cuddly toys, merchandise or the virtual pokemon to keep us entertained with their badassery and cuteness.

Although Pokemon GO gave us a genuine idea of travelling around to find these critters, we can’t help but wonder about us venturing out into lush and unique terrains to explore different species of Pokemon. Furthermore, Advanced technology such as cloning, energy conversion, antigravity machines and Pokemon speakers are what we desperately need in this future timeline. Despite the idea that some villains would exploit Pokemon, it would be our quest to stop them and other forces of evil from their nefarious goals.

And that is our list for 5 video game worlds that would make a great place to live in. What are you thoughts on our choices? And what worlds can you think of that would be great? As we mentioned, think carefully because picking a world like Skyrim would probably mean you get eaten by a dragon or a giant spider.



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