Video Games Ideal for a Gaming Marathon

Video Games Ideal for a Gaming Marathon

Wouldn’t you like to just spend an entire day playing video games? One day where you have no work, no chores, no outdoor plans – just 24 hours of gaming. Maybe you’re looking to have an absolute blast, or perhaps you’re looking for a game to stream. Well, look no further as we have you covered. Here are some video games that we think are ideal for a gaming marathon.

Side note: We think gaming marathons work great with a buddy, so feel free to bring one or two with you. Additionally, here is some advice we recommend you look at to benefit your health and safety when starting your marathon.

Apex Legends

We’ll start with a personal favourite of mine. Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment. What makes Apex incredible is how well the gaming mechanics and playstyles advance your addictivity. Your very survival is challenged when you have to think fast in this first-person shooter. Scavenging weapons, gear, and relying on your teammates. To add, the game focuses on communication, whether that be pinging a location, marking enemies, or telling your friends where the good loot is.

Sounds like an average battle royale right? Well, there’s a certain charm to Apex that is unexplainable. Perhaps most of all, it is the legends – the characters you play as and grow to love. The legends act as different classes, each with their unique abilities and personalities. Furthermore, its diversity of characters make them extremely lovable, with different races and sexualities portrayed beautifully in their traits and backstories. It also helps that an all-star cast voices these legends such as Allegra Clark, Roger Craig Smith, Johnny Young, and J.B Blanc.

Whatever the case, Apex legends is a Battle Royale game that stands out from the rest. Prepare for a game that will have you passing time quicker than you can search up ‘Gas Daddy’ (we wouldn’t recommend it, but the Apex Fans would).

For Honor

If you’re a fan of ancient warriors, then you’ll be hooked on this one. For Honor is a video game where you play as different classes from Knight, Viking and Samurai factions. The game offers a single-player story with a rich story experience, where you will play each factions story and understand the manipulations of war. The story is perfect length enough to be completed in a 24-hour marathon, even with breaks. That means you could start and end your first playthrough in one day.

However, we think multiplayer is the true gem here. It offers various game modes to test your battle prowess, from 1v1 duels to attacking/defending forts. Whichever mode you pick, you can guarantee hours of fun, especially when it comes to customising. With each individual level-up of your character, you’ll be unlocking new abilities, new gear, new patterns, and even new executions.


Currently one of the biggest names in gaming culture out there, Fortnite is a hit Phenom for all ages for a multitude of reasons. Its popularity sparked millions of players to join the community; meaning there will be no shortage of matches and no shortage of players varying in skill. A third-person survival game where your every building can save your life, Fortnite keeps you on your toes no matter how many times you play it.

The game features many fun game modes that will have you and your friends playing non-stop. Whether it be Save the World, the co-operative mode or survival, or Battle Royale, which much like Apex, results in the last person standing to become number one. Alternatively, you can release your inner imaginative genius with Creative Mode, where you can create your own inspirations with all the tools at hand.


Remember the iconic introduction to The Dark Knight, when the clown-masked heisters attempted to steal the mob’s money? Well, imagine if you could relive that action-packed sequence over and over again, but with fewer betrayals. PAYDAY 2 is a fantastic game that offers a heart-racing experience – whether you go in solo or together as a team.

Players will immerse themselves with a hardcore hang of heisters at their beck-and-call; whether it be the cunning mastermind, Dallas, to the psychotic madman, Wolf. Additionally, guest characters such as John Wick and Bodhi from Point Break join the crew for some mind-blowing mayhem – if that isn’t incentive enough, I don’t know what is!

Banks, escorts, or assassinations; players will reveal themselves in a plethora of different missions. Each one can increase in their difficulty and change in their layout, meaning you can play the same mission twice and still run into a different obstacle. Furthermore, your skillset and level-ups will affect what you bring to the team.

Want to become the Ghost, the one who dispatches the guards and the alarms before the crew come in? Or perhaps the Enforcer that tanks the shots when the crew go loud? Whichever the class, Players will be webbed into a series of unfortunate heists, where they will strike rich or fail spectacularly.

Dead By Daylight

Here’s one for the spooky season, and of course if you’re a fan of Seananners, you’ll recognise this one immediately. Dead By Daylight is a 1v4 online multiplayer game that pits a single unstoppable killer against 4 survivors that must work together to escape. Sounds like a terrifying game to play right? Well for the survivors at least, the killer will have the most fun.

Playing as the survivors offer games of tension, suspense and all-out frights as you work together to nervously avoid the killer’s grasp. Otherwise, it’s every person for themselves as you allow your teammate to be sacrificed by this killer, probably in the hopes that they make a good distraction. The killer, however, is the lucky one, hunting down the players before they make it out.

Dead By Daylight also features a great cast of killers – both original and guest-starring. Try your hand at the original character, The Trapper, or perhaps Freddy Krueger from Nightmare at Elm Street. Either way, the game offers tons of fun matches no matter who you play. Also, it’s the perfect way to terrify your non-scary friends and permanently scar them forever.

And that is our recommendations for games we think you should play for a gaming marathon. Do you agree with our picks? What sort of games would you recommend for marathon gamers?



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