About Us

Message from Wendy,

Welcome to The Live Life!

After becoming increasingly frustrated at the clear divide between men’s tech-focused mags and women’s lifestyle sites, I decided it was time to set up our own website. Here, you’ll find anything and everything, in an accessible and inclusive context.

Live Life Mag is designed to bridge the gap between the high-end, expensive (but fact-based) print copies available on the high street, and the down-to-earth, easy-to-digest stories on the web.

Here, you’ll find well-researched stories that avoid the classic sensationalism that leads to the spread of misinformation and click-bait headlines. Whether you want a simple explanation of current events, or want to check out the latest game reviews – all the way through to getting the best tips and tricks to help navigate life – we’re here to discuss the important (and not so important) things in plain, easy-to-read articles.

If there’s something you want to see on our site, or have an article you want to pitch to us, do get in contact with us via our form.

Currently, we are a brand new site. And that means all of our writers (including the editors) are unpaid. However, if you’re feeling generous, we’d be super grateful to any donations you’d like to make. These cover the cost of running the website. Including hosting, security certification, emails and – when the world opens up again – travel or convention access. In other words, receiving donations will help us to create amazing content. Hopefully, we’ll even be able to pay ourselves, eventually!

Of course, if you can’t donate, don’t worry. We don’t put any of our content behind a paywall. Good quality information should be available to all. We hope you continue to enjoy our site!

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