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If you want to get to know our staff a little better, you’re in the right place! Check out our regular content writers, below. If you want to join the team, go ahead and jump to the Contact page. Do be aware that, right now, we can’t pay our contributors. We do, however, place all work under your own name (allowing you to build a portfolio you can share with others). And we’re looking to start paying our writers, as soon as we’re able to monetize!

Wendy – Writer and Editor-in-Chief

Staff - Editor-in-Chief

Editor-in-chief, lover of UX/UI and medical copywriter by trade, Wendy can usually be found ranting to herself over on Twitter. When she’s not doing that, she’s educating herself about health and wellness, parenting or gaming. Luckily, she doesn’t do all of these things at the same time – though you’d be surprised how often they cross over.

She has been writing for over 15 years, with a plethora of published work to her name across a wide range of different sites. Her background is based mostly in medical writing. But you can also see plenty of tech, car, pet and lifestyle articles in her portfolio, too. If you ask nicely, you might even be able to see her scripts for various mods – which can be found in games such as Dreams, Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

Her true passion is helping others and, in her spare time, she studies for a combo-nursing/social work masters. Thus, writing lifestyle articles that are grounded in reality and science is just one way she loves to marry the many different areas of her life. In particular, she loves writing about budgeting, gaming, healthcare and culture (her first degree was in English literature and culture, after all).

Eloise – Social Media Manager

Eloise is a lifelong gamer and a studier of Ancient History and Archaeology. She’s also a pet care journalist, a new mother of one, and a film studies graduate. She holds a strong desire to pass on her own knowledge so that others may benefit from it.

She became a first-time mother during the height of the covid pandemic. This forced her and her husband to think on their feet and learn fast without the full support of their family or medical professionals available to them. Thus, she has a lot of tips, tricks and information she feels others could use.

She has had a passion for games and film for her entire life. Having been brought up in a gaming household, Eloise has been an active member of the gaming community for 27 years. Her education in the study of film allows her to break down movies in a decisive and analytical way, and view each movie from a different perspective.

Eloise’s love of history compelled her to seek further education on the subject to expand her knowledge of our past. And she’d love nothing more than to pass that knowledge onto others, in a way she feels will be engaging as well as informative.

Humaam “Wick” – Staff Writer

Your Friendly Neighborhood Humaam (going by ‘Wick’ for his love of John Wick – and nicknamed by some of his old students) has been a Gamer for 20 years. Being diagnosed with Autism gives Wick a very unique and passionate mindset when it comes to analysing, thinking and writing.

He spends most of his free time dreaming and creating other worlds in order to have different perspectives and enhance his storytelling.

He loves to converse, to express passion and to nerd out. Using his unique set of skills – and a degree in English Literature & Creative Writing – to lead a worldwide team of 20, creating a self-published comic. He hopes to teach, lead, and leave his mark on this world through his stories.

Oh, and he loves you all for existing and being the badasses you are.

Stefanie – Health and Wellbeing Writer

Stef is a medical doctor and public health specialist, with a passion for the prevention of illness. As well as this, she’s a keen enthusiast of understanding the social determinants of health (that’s the non-medical reasons for somebody’s health, to you and I). Stef has always been eager to advocate for others and share information on important global topics, and she is taking that enthusiasm to the written word.

She currently lives in Yorkshire with her partner and has made use of the long months of lockdown by reigniting her love of literature. When she isn’t working at her day job or trying to keep her plants alive, she often has her nose in a book or goes for a walk with an audiobook for company.

You can expect to see articles about health and books, from our dear doctor. Better still, however, she is keen to answer any questions you may have about general health. So, if you’d like to understand the ins and outs of a general illness, for example, or simply want to know more about a specific topic, do get in touch. But do bear in mind that we can only give generic advice!

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